We are proud to launch our Olympic Series Clinics, exclusively for level 2/3 & senior swimmers only - Please see the school/swim club clinics for group and individual bookings
The Olympic Series will be hosted nationally in venues to be confirmed in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, PE, Polokwane and Nelspruit.  Please Join our team! to be notified when a clinic will be held in your region.

Guest Olympians, as per availability, will be invited to participate in their specific strokes
  • Penny and her team offer an opportunity for level 2/3 & senior swimmers to be coached, inspired and motivated.
  • Her experiences, both while training internationally in the US and Canada with some of the most successful athletes in those respective countries, and while competing at the forefront of international competition, have given her unparalleled insights into what it takes to get to the top, and more importantly, how to stay there.
  • Swimming is an individual and often very lonely sport. Much like life, it requires certain key elements in order to attain success - elements such as sacrifice, perseverance and single-minded focus. Penny sheds light on what it takes mentally to make it to the top of one of the worlds toughest sporting disciplines, how to stay there, and how those same principles relate to life in general. Her presentations inspire the attendee to believe in his or her own potential, show them how to turn disappointment into victory and most importantly, live a life in pursuit of personal excellence.
  • These Olympic series clinics run for 2 consecutive days. A generous amount of feedback is given to each individual as Penny & her guest Olympians attend to all the strokes, starts and turns.
  • Coaches & parents are invited to attend & encouraged to participate in discussion sessions.

Breaststroke Specialist & Stroke Mechanics clinics
  • 40 minutes of dry land daily
  • Water sessions - (mainly stroke, turns and start work)
  • Motivational/Mental training sessions & 15 min Q & A discussion – coaches & parents welcome
  • Limited to 50 swimmers and would run from 8:30 am until +/- 4:30 pm (incl. lunch break)

Mental training includes audio - visual presentation

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