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  • Improve your mental performance
  • Accurately understand your unique potential
  • Identify drivers that will optimize your performance
  • Understand your neurological design
  • Make informed subject, career and job choices
  • Identify and manage your potential for human error
  • Understand your team/family
  • Manage yourself more effectively
  • Manage others more effectively
  • Understand your unique communication style
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Improve brain health
  • Discover your neurological design
  • Find purpose by clarifying the question:  “Who am I?”


Brain profiles are done for adults, managers & teams in businesses as well as students and children from the age of 6 years and up. Brain Profile assessments can be done online. Read below and choose the appropriate online brain profile assessment for you. There are different Neuro Agility Profiles™ :

NAP™ Student Performer (ages 16-24)

Neuro-Agility Profile™ Student Performer, abbreviated as the NAP™ Student Performer is a brain profile assessment for any adult college or university student who is still studying further. It provides them with feedback on 13 elements of neuro-agility that will determine how fast and easy or difficult they may learn, think and process information.

The NAP™ Student Performer is a comprehensive, 29-page brain profile assessment that illustrates 7 factors that make up their neurological design and 6 drivers that influence brain performance. It also provides a summary of these 13 neuro-agility factors, and a post evaluation.

NAP™ Advanced+ (adults)

Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) for adults, managers and leaders. This brain profile is a practical instrument to discover people’s learning potential, how uniquely they process information, which preferences they have when learning or thinking and it also indicates areas for future development.

The NAP™ Advanced + provides feedback on 13 elements of neuro-agility that will influence the ease, speed and flexibility with which they think, learn and process information. It consists of 6 drivers that influence brain performance and 7 neuro-physiological components of people’s neurological design.

Emotional Intelligence

This profile measures a person’s competence on 12 emotional intelligence skills.

The 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ is a practical assessment to determine how skilled a person is in terms of emotional intelligence. It illustrates 6 intrapersonal competencies and 6 interpersonal competencies of emotional intelligence. This profile also offers suggestions on how emotional intelligence can be developed further. It is an excellent tool for people to identify how they can develop themselves further and enhance their success factors as professionals, leaders and in their personal lives.