Omni Share has partnered with Neuro-link to be able to provide their services as part of Omni Share’s offering.

Neuro-link’s purpose is to develop people. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. All people have potential, but different kinds of potential depending on their genetic coding. Much as the acorn holds the potential for becoming a majestic oak tree, we believe every human being’s unique potential dictates that they can become a giant in their own respect. The point of departure for discovering the giant within starts with accurately identifying and understanding your unique neurological design that determines your unique learning potential.

In a rapidly changing world, your ability to learn, so you can continuously adapt and adjust to new technology, systems, strategies and structures will be one of the most sustainable ingredients needed, to not only survive, but to thrive in the 21st century.

Brain profile is the user friendly name for Neuro-Link’s Learning Receptiveness Profile, abbreviated as the LRP, which is a brain analysis report illustrating 7 neurodesign factors and 6 drivers that influence your learning receptivity and brain performance. This assessment is the foundation of our work as we believe: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”


Neuro-Link’s brain profile assessments provide validated and highly reliable and valuable information about people’s neurological design and the drivers that optimize their mental performance.

Alignment between people’s neurological design and what they do, explain why people are passionate about their job, enjoy work, energized, engaged and in flow. Neuro-link’s brain profile assessments provide essential information to companies who are interested in creating and maintaining a culture of learning.  It also has numerous applications for relationships, teamwork, stress & fatigue management, whole brain communication, emotional intelligence, leadership development, employee engagement, workplace happiness and brain health.

Neuro-link’s brain profiles help individuals become more self-and socially aware, understanding themselves and others better; making informed decisions about optimizing their brain performance, developing themselves and becoming the best they can be.

Neuro-Link’s brain profiles are great tools for students, parents, teachers and lecturers to understand the potential of the people they are responsible for and know what opportunities they can create to optimize their performance.

Click here to watch a video about your amazing neurological design.

More about neurological dominance.

Infographic about neurological dominance.


1. Content:

  • Illustrates 6 drivers that impact brain performance
  • Illustrates 7 factors that make up a person’s neurological design
  • Summary of learning receptiveness and neurodesign
  • 24 page report

2. Online:

  • Questionnaire – 180 easy questions (takes 40 minutes to complete)
  • Report consisting of 13 learning receptiveness factors
  • Automized debriefing videos
  • Post-evaluation of progress with regards to drivers that impact brain performance and learning receptivity

3. Group report for companies and teams about the group and individual design.

4. Translated into various versions of English, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew and Afrikaans.


  • Improve your mental performance
  • Accurately understand your unique potential
  • Identify drivers that will optimize your performance
  • Understand your neurological design
  • Make informed subject, career and job choices
  • Identify and manage your potential for human error
  • Understand your team/family
  • Manage yourself more effectively
  • Manage others more effectively
  • Understand your unique communication style
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Improve brain health
  • Discover your neurological design
  • Find purpose by clarifying the question:  “Who am I?”


The purpose of Neuro-link’s brain profile assessments are to develop people. It helps you to identify your unique potential, understand yourself and others better, manage yourself more effectively, discover how uniquely you process information, identify which strengths and preferences you have when learning and thinking and it also indicates areas for optimizing your brain performance.

Neuro-link’s profiles are not intended to label you or disqualify you in any way. It is intended to be a constructive tool you can use to discover your potential and optimize your performance.


Brain profiles are done for adults, managers & teams in businesses as well as students and children from the age of 6 years and up. Brain Profile assessments can be done online. Read below and choose the appropriate online brain profile assessment for you. There are different Learning Receptiveness Profiles™ :

LRP™ Toolbox (ages 10-22)

Neuro-Link’s Learning Receptiveness Profiles™, is for students ages 10-22 to determine their learning receptivity.

The Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Toolbox, abbreviated as the LRP™ – Toolbox is a brain profile assessment for students (ages 10-22), who are still at school or studying further. It provides them with feedback on 13 learning receptiveness factors that will determine how easy or difficult they may learn and think. This brain profile illustrates 7 factors that make up their neurological design and 6 drivers that influence their brain performance.

Do LRP™ Toolbox brain profile assessment online now.

LRP™ Advanced+ (adults)

The Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Advanced, abbreviated as the LRP™ – advanced is a brain profile assessment for adults, managers and leaders. It provides them with feedback on 13 learning receptiveness factors that will determine how easy or difficult they may learn and think.

This 24 page brain profile assessment illustrates 7 factors that make up their neurological design and 6 drivers that influence their brain performance. It also provides a summery about these 13 learning receptiveness factors, automated debriefing videos and a post evaluation of the 6 drivers, 6 months after the initial assessment.

Do LRP™ Advanced + brain profile assessment online now.

Emotional Intelligence

The 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile is a practical assessment to determine how skilled a person is in terms of emotional intelligence. It illustrates 6 intrapersonal skills and 6 interpersonal skills of emotional intelligence. This profile also offers suggestions on how emotional intelligence can be developed further. It is an excellent tool for people to identify how they can develop themselves further and enhance their success factors as professionals, leaders and in their personal lives.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. This profile will help you understand your emotional intelligence competence, improve self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. These 12 emotional intelligence skills are vital for being happy, fulfilled and effective individuals, parents, managers and leaders. Be smart. Invest in your success, future wellness and happiness today!

Do the Emotional Intelligence assessment online now.


Neuro-Link’s brain profile assessments assist people and organizations to:

  • Accurately identify learning potential of people
  • Create a culture of learning
  • Develop talent
  • Improve performance
  • Identify and minimize risk for human error
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Create accurate self-awareness through our assessments
  • Optimize brain performance and increase brain fitness
  • Develop high performance teams, emotional intelligence & leadership
  • Think and learn faster and smarter
  • Improve brain health
  • Accelerate learning and obtain better learning results
  • Make informed subject and career choices at school
  • Clarify purpose by answering the question:  “Who am I?”
  • Improve learning skills
  • Cope with stress
  • Develop positive self-esteem


The LRP™ is as accurate as you produce honest responses. It is constantly being improved and adapted through new brain research, increasing the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Documented workshops, doctoral dissertations and experts in the field of neuroscience feel that the LRP™ is highly reliable and accurate. It is however of utmost importance to remember that the frame of mind when the learner completed the questionnaire will have a profound impact on the outcome. The frame of mind required to produce an accurate profile is one where the learner should be brutally honest, objective and understands the questions. It is vital to remember that learners should answer the questions in terms of “what they prefer” and not “what they can do”.

Yes, experts in the field of people development regard the LRP™ as strongly validated. This is continuously affirmed by documented workshop experiences, feedback from people who have done the assessments, plus doctoral dissertations and studies by students and researchers who have based their work on the Learning Receptiveness Profile™. Continuous validation studies are conducted as part of the ongoing research and development efforts of Neuro-Link. Although the LRP™ is not a psychometric test, it complements other validated instruments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Jung’s Personality Types, and Disc etc.

Yes. Yours! One of the most appreciated aspects of the LRP™ is that it illustrates how you are OK, whatever your profile. All people are OK, but in different ways. The LRP™ is a tool provided to encourage you to understand your neurodesign, and how you can improve your performance. You can then develop strategies and skills to learn competencies in the areas you are naturally talented in to increase your competence, moving from OK to good and from good to great. By following this journey, you start becoming more of who you can be.

Yes. The main purpose of your brain is to help you survive and adapt to any changes you may encounter. Change can take place if there is a reason for it. Change seems to take place over a period of time if the individual has the desire and willingness to change, or with a change in their life’s circumstances, or as a result of a significant emotional event. However, if nothing has happened to the individual and they continue to do the same things in the same way, their profile will remain the same.

The 6 Drivers that influence brain performance, the Four Quadrants, Expressive/Receptive preferences, and Rational/Emotional preferences may definitely change depending on how you develop yourself. You will become a more balanced, whole brained person if you keep on developing yourself. Your preferred brain hemisphere and sensory dominance pattern that make up your information processing style depends on your genetic coding and will stay the same although physical damage to the brain or the senses can cause the brain to adapt and change.

Any person with a brain:)

We render brain profile assessments services to all people starting from the age of 6.

  1. Businesses
  • recruitment & talent selection
  • talent development
  • performance improvement (leadership & EI)
  • employee wellness
  • health & safety – fatigue management
  • workplace happiness

2. Education

  • schools (students, teachers, parents)
  • colleges & universities (students & lecturers)

3. Sport

  • coaches & athletes

4. Public

  • parents, families & children