Thank you for organizing such a wonderful clinic. Sofia really enjoyed it and learned a lot. She is so much more motivated now!!! 

Hope you had a good weekend, 

Jessica (Sofia Berman’s Mum)

Swimming event

Many thanks for this fantastic event you organised! My daughter Gisele was thrilled so proud to be part of it.

Congratulation for all the logistics and perfect organisation.

Many thanks again,

Odile de t’Serclaes

Swimming event

Dear Penny Just to say thank you very much for the clinic. Both Shona and I came away with a lot to think about and put into action. She was probably the youngest there at 9, all she wanted was to get in the pool and swim! The main thing is that she came home really inspired, she wrote down her goals. I am busy reading your book Penny, and finding it very interesting

Madeleine Graham

Dear Penny & Zelda Thank-you, the kids are so motivated at training and excited about their upcoming meets. Muscles are aching this week as drills are being approached with specific focus and effort – I have never seen my kids approach their stroke drills in this way EVER … it’s really exciting. Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and passion with us, and we look forward to having you back on the South Coast. I have attached the media you generated this week for your interest. Kind Regards, Cheree Dufner Margate Swimming Club

Margate Swimming Club

Penny thanks for an amazing clinic. I truly learnt a lot. My dream is to swim in the Olympics and you have truly inspired me! Julia – swimmer

Julia – swimmer

Zelda and Penny I would like to thank you so much for a brilliant weekend. After coaching for 20 odd years one becomes immune to the sport and loses focus at times. I have learnt this weekend (or remembered) what motivation is all about. Besides all the great info there is one thing I have come to the conclusion about (your motivational talk) is that what I am doing is the talent that God has given me. This weekend has inspired me to be even better at coaching. Thank you once again Lynette (Marcus’ coach)


Penny Thank you so much for your time and dedication to fix my stroke! Time to focus on that pull. Alex Priscu – Swimmer

Alex Priscu – Swimmer

Penny/Zelda Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I had so much fun at your Swim Clinic. My stroke looks much better…. Hope you can come again! Jenna Bohling – swimmer

Jenna Bohling – swimmer

Loved the swim clinic …. Breaststroke feels faster already!! Thank you. Christo Bester – swimmer

Christo Bester – swimmer

Penny/Zelda Thank you so much for the fantastic clinic! I have learnt so much that I will keep with me forever. You are such an inspiration. Ashleigh Simonis – swimmer

Ashleigh Simonis – swimmer