“It’s amazing how quickly we forget about our sport stars and their achievements, I recon it’s all a function of our “busy” schedules and the hectic sports calendar on Super Sport. I fully understand why the Nebraska Huskers are so proud of “our” Penny Heyns. I’ve sat through a number of these type of speeches and motivational talks over the last couple of years – some great and some, well interesting. I must admit, not only in terms of the message and the content, or the fact that I can relate being the same age and still remember watching the games on TV the other day, or just the relaxing way that you conveyed the message, I’m glad I was there. Thank you for sharing your life experience and the lessons learned. We’ve all had dreams to succeed in the sport we played and very few of us succeeded. Probably because we did not know what it takes or gave up too early! Well, success in life (all aspects I might add) comes with hard work and commitment and sometimes we need to listen to someone else’s story to gain perspective and understanding of what they had to do to achieve success. Well done and thank you! ” RIAAN CRONJE Commercial Director Broco Transport Consultants